Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged!!! I'm it!!! there are apparently these internet games and I've been tagged. I'm it. Actually I was dual tagged, once by Rosegardenfae and once by Formfireglassworks, both very talented artisans. I'm supposed to spill the beans about secret/interesting things about myself. There is so little to tell actually and precious little of that is interesting, but if you'll pretend it's interesting, I'll write down some things.... so I can get on with tagging the next victims.....hehehe

1.) Both of my kids went to a special school for the arts all through high school. My daughter attended in dance and my son attended in Visual Arts. This was a school that choose about 200 kids each year from the whole state to attend a boarding school which in addition to providing the usual High School classes added on about 6 hours of intensive study in their specialty each day, 6 days a week. I'm very proud of them. They both won scholarships to very good colleges as a result.

2.) My wife, and partner in crime, holds a B.A. in fine art from a really good college in Maryland and is a huge creative muse for me and force in our house.

3.) My first car was a 1959 Fiat 600D convertible (think a downsized VW Beetle with a canvas flap that covers a square hole in the roof). I got it in 1968 when it already had over 100,000 miles on it and I drove it all through college. It was a miracle car.

4.) I live on a farm with about 60 goats, 5 dogs, 1 goose, 1 cat, 9 goldfish (in a yard pond) and a rooster. The farm has 350 blueberry bushes that our family (including the kids) planted about 14 years ago and is open as a U-Pick operation in the Summers. Every year we have a few more pickers. We love it.

5.) I've started several companies from scratch. Some worked out pretty good, others not so good. As they say, Good judgement comes from Experience, Experience comes from poor judgement.

6.) My great uncle and cousins started a glassblowing plant that operated from the great depression all the way until the end of the 90's. Robert Hamon, one of the cousins, is a fairly well-known and famous glassblower that I used to love to watch when I was a young lad.

7.) We raise a kind of livestock guardian dog known as an Akbash. They are large, gentle, intelligent dogs that know what to do if the goats are theatened and they go about settling that particular problem. They know when to escalate and when to chill. They come from Turkey and have beautiful Turkish Names. Inci (pronounced like In Gee), Suhayla, Jansu, and Mavi.'m off to find a couple of unsuspecting victims....hope you enjoyed this.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas is Coming

 we survived the Arts in the Heart of Augusta show and had such a great time. The people really were amazing, nice, and seemed to enjoy our little shop. I made WAY too much stuff for the show, but hey, Christmas is coming so I have some inventory.

It's time to start cranking up the ornaments. I love making ornaments. Large hollow balls of glass with color or silver fume to scatter light in all colors. How could I not love them?